Sut'Air, a new virtual company

Our company is divided into three subsidiaries. Indeed, the latter is composed of a Vintage Flying part, a Bush Flying part and finally a Business Flying part. We want to share new flight modes with the entire simmer community.

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Vintage Flying

The first subsidiary is Vintage Flying. Indeed, as its name suggests, it allows Sut'Air pilots to fly with old aircraft such as Boeing 737-200 or DC-6/8, but also La Caravalle and many others. We are based on the fact that many people have not had the chance to discover Aircraft with a large A. That's why Sut'Air decided to bring our old planes back to life. So grab your dust cloth, your best toolboxes and your experienced pilot instinct for analog dials and come join us.

Bush Flying

This very little used mode of flight, bush flying, is almost neglected on our flight simulators. Flying in remote areas in the mountains of Indonesia or Alaska is a pleasant way to fly. Carrying out humanitarian missions or delivering food to remote areas of some countries, where the tracks are grass inclined at 7% and which serves as playgrounds for the children of the village, is a delicate task, but it certainly increases your pilot skills and allows you to discover magnificent landscapes in planes just as beautiful. If you want to join the adventure then don't hesitate.

Business Flying

Business jets are mainly used in the world of simulation. Indeed many people fly with business jets and Sut'Air allows them to meet to discuss this V. I. P. transport environment. We allow you thanks to many partnerships to make the biggest names like Neymar or "Sully" travel. So bring your best jet, your best smile and your best kindness and come fly with Sut'Air.

How we work ?

For Buisness & Vintage flight modes, we have chosen the Virtual Airlines Manager traker because it is fully customizable and meets our expectations. In the case of the Bush, it is impossible for us to evaluate the flight mode as well as the altitude variations, the touchés and the lights of the aircraft because the flight rules are different.

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